When Tight Aint Right

I had an epiphany that i now like things that are not form fitting and it has has to be this black  clergy shirt.The trick here is to have major confidence so that you do not look weird,lol. I got it when it was huge and I wanted it to remain that way because i found it to be cool and besides when wearing white one has to exercise the most caution but with this shirt you can sit without a care in the world.
The trousers i distressed them myself and i think i might do a D.I.Y video on how i achieved it since i wanted to look quite edgy and i believe this is a subtle way to do it. For accessories i wore this Maasai bracelet to inject the Africana to the look.lol.
stay safe until next time..XOXO
Outfit Details
Bracelet:Maasai market Nairobi

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