90's Inspired

The 90's was  probably the most fun era to have grown up,the games,the music and the neighborhoods.You knew all your neighbors and it was so much fun.
Speaking of music from the 90's i was the kid who was listening to the likes of Aaliyah,Boyz To Men Destinys' Child and i still have some of them in my playlist up to date.
So as today i was at home just reflecting on the good old days i decided to come up with a 90's look and what better represents the 90's like the dungaree which was a fashion item back then and i still find it cool up to date.
For the snap back it actually glows in the dark,,so cool from aliexpressglowhats check it out and you will actually want to go partying with it.The dungaree is from shopstyledenimoverallsformen  and it was delivered by vitumob a company that makes delivery so easy to Kenya when you shop online.
Stay safe until next time lovely people ..

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  1. I was smiling just looking at thhis post :)


  2. the memories right?haha.thanks for taking your time to check it out


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