Nike Prints

Hello lovely people,.i love prints so much and every time i see a nice print i fall crazy in love with in and then the styling aspect comes in. I am  one of those guys who has some crazy prints in his wardrobe that many people would find to be too over the top but life is all about trying out new things when  you get the chance..
The print on this lightweight sports jacket from NIKE is just too nice for this weather,a sporty kind of vibe it gives and i love it,i thrifted it for only 60 ksh ..yasss.60 thats less than a dollar,.INSANE.i styled it with some green khakis and white converses from Tomy.The watch was a gift from my dad.
Wishing everyone a lovely time ..LOVE YOU ALL and dont forget to like my Facebook page  Edgy Twist and subscribe ,stay safe.


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  1. Less than a dollar!!!! I am so jealous, take me with you for thrift shopping next time. You look so rad but this time you kinda failed on the shoot location yet you always bring your A game on that department!!

  2. thank you Meron for saying it like you mean it(SYLYMI) as Wendy Williams would say,haha.Will definitely work on that


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