Athleisure:Styling tailored Joggers

hi to everyone reading this post.,a look that i'm now obsessed with,,athleisure. Athletic wear has moved from the sports arena and is now even hitting major runways and people have found awesome ways of making them fashionable.Before i used to think that joggers were for working out but now i can wear them outside during the weekend or while just chilling out.For this look i went fore some Tailored joggers and i styled them with a crisp white shirt and to finish the look i wore my white converses .Athleisure is also a trend that works for girls,,one can wear a dress with some sneakers or a crop top with some ladies sweatpants paired with  some strappy heels and you are good to go .Athleisure has so many facets that i cant cover all in one posts from sweatshirts to hoodies,to sneakers,,there is s a lot to play with depending on your liking.
some of the rules for guys ,,
Go for slim not tight
Wear the right underwear to avoid looking weird in the crotch area.haha,,.you know what i mean
Always try them out before buying.
I also tried some crazy stunts ,haha,.maybe it was the soccer field.LOL.
White converses:Tomy
     Have a lovely day and for those with no valentines date like me .you can binge eat while watching your favorite movies sweatpants got ya back..hahahaha

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  1. Nice post and great tips.I love the converse too.Looking great

  2. thank you sophie.,i appreciate you stopping by


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