All Black Everyday

My view of the world beautiful people is either black or white.No grey areas,i dont  have one,you are either good or bad , a friend or an enemy that's just how i feel,I used to love black and white movies growing up,weird but i loved them.There was a phase i was going through,a black phase where i used to wear all black and my friend  started  calling me the black widower,haha,.
To pay homage to that time in my life i wore an all black outfit today,A fitted blazer,some tailored skinny pants,a black round collar lightweight sweater and some black boots.i love boots.,LOL,still crazy with monochrome trend,so i went with it..and i loved it.
Fit is important to me,always go for a good fit when choosing an outfit. Over sized is at times not classy.Avoid blazers that make you look boxy,they just pile age on your rule is that the blazer arm hole should not collapse on your shoulder..i hope this helps someone out there,thanks everyone.
Outfit dets.

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  1. Everyone knows I have a thing for black.This is a really awesome look on you

  2. thanks sophie,black i guess is our happy


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