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Hi to everyone viewing this post,its been a while since i posted something but here i am,.haha,.It has been a long month and this month feels like its been a century ,,I have had this two toned shirt by PACKARD for while now and since it was too big i never wore it,but during the weekend i took it to a tailor who made it slim fit.Its amazing how she took the seams out and even reduced the length of the shoulders in less than 15 minutes,,It was like watching a scientist at a lab to me,.haha.
One tip is that even if you like the abric colour or design of a shirt,trouser and its too large dont leave it behind because good tailors exist and they can make it to fit your body well..The cream chinos are by Sfena and the tassel blue loafers are thrifted,.I hope you enjoyed reading this post and have a nice time,,.Mucho love..

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  1. Great shirt Bram and pairing it with white makes the look nice and fresh

  2. Thank you sophie,.😊


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