Safari Inspired,Animal Print Hoodie

You can never get enough of prints,i love prints a lot.This animal print hoodie is one of the things that i will treasure for some time.I went all black and threw on this hoodie on,these boots were to edge up the whole look,also an all white look and then completing with the hoodie can work well,don't you think?,It reminds me of Mufasa from Lion King one of my favorite movies growing up ,a feeling of luxury it has too,,haha..also perfect for the cold weather.Have a lovely day,love you all

Boots:Random shoe store Eldoret
Quilted jeans.thrift
Animal print hoodie.thrift

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  1. Gotta love a guy in boots.I'm all for animal print and wearing the hoodie with an all black ensemble proved to be a great idea Bram and yes,white would also do.

  2. thanks sophie, i think i might do a look number 2 in all white and see how it turns out


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