The Blue Blazer(Bandana detail) and Double Monk strap shoes

One of the things i like doing with my clothes is how i can transform them with just something little.I thrifted this blue blazer and it was a mess.It had long wide arms and with the help of my tailor he made the arms fit perfectly and to add a little interest to it ,i added this bandana fabric that i had to the blazer pocket and it turned out amazing. I have seen these fashion magazines with  double monk strap shoes and i always wanted to own one so you could imagine my joy when i laid my hands on these brown Anthony Reed monk strap shoes.Thanks for stopping by guys and lovely day.

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  1. Ah Bram when it comes to fashion you just never disappoint.I love the blazer,love the look and mostly the fact that there's always something for me to learn about male fashion from you.Great stuff

    1. thank you sophie,im happy you are learning from this blog..,

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  3. Loving the blazer and shoes,what a perfect fit?The bandana idea is brilliant

  4. Thank you surburbanstylist it was an idea that I just wanted to try and see how it would turn glad you like it


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