The Waistcoat and Mismatched Mens Tailoring

Hello everyone a new a new post.I have have had this grey waistcoat for a while now and the thing i like about it is how it is always so versatile and how i can easily pair it with some tailored trousers or even a basic pair of jeans,unbutton it and wear it with a t shirt in other words i think it is one of those basic pieces that never run out  style. I also wore my  marcolin glasess and i felt like i was chanelling my inner Johhny Depp ,,haha.
Mismatched tailoring is when you wear tailored pieces which are of different colours,prints or even textures.So have fun and mix up different items in your wardrobe as matching  can at times be boring.Lovely Day Everyone.

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  1. I absolutely love the waistcoat... great ensemble Bram


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