Of Camo and Making a Comeback.

Being in my final semester of campus has been quite amazing as i prepare myself for being out there in the job market but fashion must not be forgotten.I recently stumbled upon a Camo sort of print shirt through my many thrifting adventures.Nothing gives me great thrill than going thrift shopping
as i know what i get is usually unique and not many people will have the same outfit as me.
My dad and friends usually complain of the many clothes i have but its what i love doing,shopping ,shopping ,shopping..haha
   I rarely buy new expensive stuff a i believe style should not be accessible to the rich only .However your closet should have new items to balance out with the number of thrifted items.
  I like how the shirt looks great with my pair of white jeans.This shirt can also  look great with black pants so as to bring more attention  to the print.
     Thank you for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment which will be highly appreciated. I love you all.


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  1. after every blog I.get to learn new types of men's clothing......

  2. thanks charline,glad to hear you are learning from the blog.,thanks for stopping by


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