I believe life is an even playing field,some of us are given an equal chance to everything and its what you do with that chance that really counts.­čÖç
Black is my favorite colour ,so inspired by black..heck i can even wear black all day if i could but hey,,haha.
Embroidery is an idea i love in an accessory like a simple snap back and a pull neck sweater is so suitable for this cold weather,,Kim Kardashian West made it look cool again compared to how it was being styled in the 90's ­čśĆand everyone who knows me knows i love me some reality TV shows.The shoes have some interesting details like the gold and some tiny pearls..such gems that i will treasure for long.
Outfit dets
Distressed black jeans(D.I.Y)
Snap back(thrift)

Sometimes you just need that light weight  shirt when its quite hot..this shirt right here is the one.I love the print on it and it just makes one feel like having a pina colada by the beach due to its palm trees resemblance.
I paired it with some simple khakis and some yellow converses from tomy .
Shirt details  Eagle Shirts 
Stay safe till next time

My must haves for year  checklist is almost done.. a geometric black and white sweater has now been added to my small wishlist..I  got this lovely piece and decided to go all monochrome with the look.A leather jacket adds some edge to the outfit..you know me,,,hehehe.
Remember the most important life tip ,,when in doubt always wear black ..i guess that applies to many of us.
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A similar look or sweater can be found here Mens-Geometric Knit Sweater
black trousers H$M
SHOES..Anthony Reed

Today's style and designer feature is PRINCE.a fashion designer who is based in Nairobi Kenya,this guy can literally design anything and his designs just speak for themselves.The most important thing as a fashion designer is being able to wear your own designs with confidence and Prince does this effortlessly.He mixes his style up whether its going on the dapper route or even some nice  African prints.
His love for fashion he says makes him come up with the best designs and also some awesome look books from his collections.Check out his social media on Instagram Prince Instagram and his Facebook page here  Prince Bably Jay for more of his designs and be sure to rock one or two of his designs as he knows his craft.
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The 90's was  probably the most fun era to have grown up,the games,the music and the neighborhoods.You knew all your neighbors and it was so much fun.
Speaking of music from the 90's i was the kid who was listening to the likes of Aaliyah,Boyz To Men Destinys' Child and i still have some of them in my playlist up to date.
So as today i was at home just reflecting on the good old days i decided to come up with a 90's look and what better represents the 90's like the dungaree which was a fashion item back then and i still find it cool up to date.
For the snap back it actually glows in the dark,,so cool from aliexpressglowhats check it out and you will actually want to go partying with it.The dungaree is from shopstyledenimoverallsformen  and it was delivered by vitumob a company that makes delivery so easy to Kenya when you shop online.
Stay safe until next time lovely people ..

MEET today's style feature  Edwin Amira.
He  simply describes himself as an avid fashion lover and his style is something that is quite unique.
He also mixes it up and rocks African prints like a pro .To switch it up he also does athleisure at times
check his Instagram handle here @edu_nash
and his Facebook page  Edu nash
Hope you all have a great time and if you know  with amazing sense of style or would like to be featured on the blog hit my inbox up i will be happy to oblige....

I love me some denim..denim never runs out of style..so when you finally get that denim jacket that you have been waiting for its just a happy moment. A denim jacket i believe its a must have for everyone as you can style it in so many ways..for this look i styled it with an edgy skull tie and and a plain white shirt.The shoes are from alixepress,find them here http://ru.aliexpress.com/store/group/Men-s-Shoes/429350_253839378.html  and i was so exited.The shoes are just so edgy something that i like when dressing up,
the white pants are from french dressing
Denim jacket .Macys
Hope you all stay safe and keep fashion alive.

I am one of those people who does not give up on special items in my closet because you never know when it will become of great need.The July weather is insane,,cold,so cold and you just have to keep yourself warm to avoid colds and even pneumonia which is even more dangerous.This trench coat was bought when it was so sunny ,in anticipation for the cold weather  but the leather sleeves are from a jacket i posted earlier this year on a military inspired look .My tailor did his magic and transformed the simple 100 ksh trench coat to something quite unique.
A trench coat is a must have for ladies and gents as you can wear it to the office and still look appropriate.Have a nice time everyone till next time.
Outfit DETS..trench coat.Thrifted and Redesigned
skinny jeans.Thrift