Belt It Up Champ

As the new saying in fashion everything is not cool until Rihanna puts it on..for this post i got inspired by women's wear and who else to get inspiration from other than Rihanna.I wanted to wear this oversize double breasted blazer that i have had in my closet for almost two years and an opportunity presented itself and this is how it turned out.
I belted the blazer which is also a new trend in fashion and heck yeah i didn't want to be left out in the bandwagon.
The cuffs are usually called french cuffs and the white shirt is just a simple shirt without cuff links and it was perfect for achieving the look.For the love of athleisure my champion runner  shoes came in handy..
Hope you all enjoyed the post and like,share the page and posts to reach more out there..xoxo till next time.

Harem Pants:indiska
Runner shoes.champion (they have a 50%OFF on a second pair you buy)

Edgy Tropicana Vibes

HELLO lovely readers,so today i got inspired by some tropical vibes and just decided to go for it.I had some fun editing these pictures and i was contemplating  on which ones i should upload and i ended up with these.I always love an all black outfit because recently i have been trying to to go on the minimal  monochrome aesthetic that is just awesome
the jeans are a DIY and i promise to do one one distresssed jeans  video on my YouTube channel asap The Chelsea boots are from tamaris trends
Sunglasses i bought them in Nairobi CBD and the watch is a gift from my dad,hope you all stay safe until next time and please subscribe to my youtube channel(bramwel abene)

Mens Fashion 2017 prints

Sporty Rose

Its been a minute since i posted due to some major life readjustments but now i am back and ready to blog ,blog and blog..
During the weekend i like being in the most comfortable outfits and a jogger is a must have to this norm.I recently got this black sweatshirt from Violent Rose rose and I paired it with this black shoes from a local supermarket which had them on sale. To accessorize i wore some bangles that were a gift from a friend and i love the vibe that they have edgy ,chic and simple at the same time.
Hope You all stay safe until next time,,.Peace and Love..

When Tight Aint Right

I had an epiphany that i now like things that are not form fitting and it has has to be this black  clergy shirt.The trick here is to have major confidence so that you do not look weird,lol. I got it when it was huge and I wanted it to remain that way because i found it to be cool and besides when wearing white one has to exercise the most caution but with this shirt you can sit without a care in the world.
The trousers i distressed them myself and i think i might do a D.I.Y video on how i achieved it since i wanted to look quite edgy and i believe this is a subtle way to do it. For accessories i wore this Maasai bracelet to inject the Africana to the
stay safe until next time..XOXO
Outfit Details
Bracelet:Maasai market Nairobi

Of Linen and Tweed

The path to self discovery never stops and this  new month got me reflecting on a couple of issues and asking myself questions i was doing all this there are two items i have been hesitant to style in my wardrobe,.this Tweed trouser and Linen shirt,,.they had been long forgotten before i excavated them and brought the back to life,.
So I rolled up the sleeves and the hem of the trouser for a different look than what i am used to finish off the look i wore some boots.
Hope you stay safe until next time ..




Hey everyone,,.when you finally get the chance to wear a sweater and a tie,,.how would you do it?this is how i would do it..a blend of casual and formal ..a denim shirt and  a colorful tie is how i did it.
I honestly never wear ties but today i just decided to shake things up and do it.The last time i wore a tie in public had to be in high school.haha๐Ÿ˜.
I love feeling inspired by simple yet classic looks and finding my own interpretation of them and this was my interpretation of it,,.i hope you all stay safe and stylish until next time

Outfit details
denim shirt:Gap
Trousers:Eddie Bauer

Chill and Netflix with Happy Socks

Hey lovely times  dont you just want to get home , relax,binge watch your favorite TV shows instead of going out and being the ultimate party animal?lol.So why not look cute while you are at it๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„.
For this look i wore these happy socks from .Colorful and goofy just the vibe that i was going for..a way of bringing the coolness when i could just wear some ugly sweatpants and an oversize  t shirt.HAHA but we aint about that life.Happy socks i guess make you feel good ,they just have a fun element to them..Hope you all stay safe until next time..Dont forget to check out the website because they have something for everyone,,.
Outfit Dets
Sweatpants:Thrift Ngara
White  Shirt.:Marks&Spencer

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